10 Things You Do That Open You Up To Being Abused And Manipulated In A Relationship

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4. You don’t let the men that you date put in the effort to earn your trust.

Don’t be so quick to trust people. While it’s good to always try your best to stay positive; while it may be good to always choose to see the good in people, you can’t ignore the bad either. You have to keep it real. Let men earn your trust. Let them prove to you that they are worth actually falling in love with and taking a chance on.

5. You always attach yourself to the same kind of men.

If you find that you are stuck in a series of toxic and manipulative relationships, then perhaps it’s because you are dating the same kind of guys over and over again. Stop attaching yourself to a certain type of man. Learn to date outside of what you’re used to. Maybe if you date a different kind of guy, you won’t find yourself in a toxic relationship any longer.

6. You are too liberal with giving second chances.

It’s good to be forgiving. But it isn’t good when you become too lenient. Some men don’t deserve second chances. And you just have to try to be a better judge of character.

7. You don’t really pay attention to your instincts.

Learn to listen toy our gut. Your instincts are there to protect you. Your instincts are supposed to be your subconscious mind’s final line of defense. Even though you might genuinely believe that you’re with a great guy, you have to listen to your instincts if they are telling you otherwise.

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