10 Things To Do To Help Your Guy Last Longer In Bed

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So what happens when your guy climaxes even though you’re still trying to get yourself there? And it happens fairly often too, doesn’t it? And it’s always frustrating every time I happens to you. You are just so sick and tired of being out of sync with your partner when it comes to your s*xual activity.

You just wish that you could both be going at the same pace so that no one ends up feeling cheated. Because let’s face it, most of the time, it’s you who feels cheated.

But you can’t blame the guy for how his body is designed. He didn’t choose for it to be that way. Typically, a man can last between two to five minutes as he’s thrusting a woman whereas a woman can last as long as 20 minutes. So how do we fix that problem? How do we find some kind of middle ground? How do we tip the scales somehow?

Well, first of all, it starts with being able to recognize that it isn’t your man’s fault. You can’t place all of the blame and frustrations on him. You have to be understanding of how these biological factors affect the dynamics in the bedroom.

We are all bound and limited by our own biological makeup. The second thing that you have to understand is that there is a workaround to the problem. There are certain techniques that you can employ to keep the action in the bedroom going for longer and longer so that you eventually reach your climax in unison.

Some of these techniques will have to be employed by him alone. Some of these will have to be performed as a couple. And some of these will be stuff that you have to do on your own as well. Read on to find out how:

1. Make sure that he lays off the booze beforehand.

Alcohol is not a stimulant. It’s a definite downer and he shouldn’t be having too much just before you’re about to do the deed. He might think that it helps take the edge off. But what it really does is it just impairs his senses and it takes away from his natural energy.

2. Don’t let him go all the way in every single time with his thrusts.

The more shallow that he penetrates you, the less stimulation it will be for him; and that means he’s going to be able to last longer.

3. Gently squeeze his manhood when you feel like he’s about to blow.

Sometimes, the best way to keep him from blowing his load would be to give his manhood a light and gentle squeeze with your fingers. It can serve as some kind of blocking mechanism and it can help him keep everything inside for longer.

4. Maintain a certain level of physical fitness.

The better strength and endurance that you’re going to have – the longer you’re going to be able to sustain a particular move and person. It’s just that simple. So never downplay the importance of physical fitness when it comes to s*x.

5. Remind him to focus on his breathing.

Breathing is a great way for a guy to really focus on what he’s doing and to not let his hormones take full control of him. That’s why a lot of men who practice serious yoga tend to perform better in the bedroom – to add to all of that core strength and flexibility.

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