7 Signs That He Is Only With You For Your Looks

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Let’s face it. We live in a very visual and objectified world these days. And that kind of shallow philosophy can carry over into a relationship – where it all just becomes about physical pleasures and aesthetics. To put things simply, you are so used to dealing with guys who only want to be with you because of how you look. Not to say that physical attraction shouldn’t be playing a role in general attraction – but it should never serve as the sole purpose for which you would want to be in a relationship with someone. Through it all, you are smart enough to know that if a man only likes you for how you look, then he’s going to dump you the minute he finds someone who is better looking than you; or whenever he just gets tired of looking at you.

And that’s a sad reality you definitely want to avoid for yourself. You only want to be in a relationship with a man who is genuinely interested in who you are as a person; not just with how you look like. The moment that you see a man is only after you because of your looks, then you need to dump him right away. Get rid of him. You don’t want to be attaching yourself to a guy like that. Relationships should always be built on deep foundations of emotional connections, bonds, and attractions. When it’s only centered around looks and physical appearances, then the relationship is never going to be sustainable at all.

Yes, it’s okay to become initially attracted to someone for how they look. But you must also be sure that that you build on that attraction with something deeper; something more sustainable. Otherwise, a relationship between the two of you is just never going to work out. Here are 12 signs that he is only with you because of how you look:

1. He only ever wants to be physical with you when you’re together.

It’s like the only real quality time that the two of you ever get together is when you’re doing it in the bedroom. He doesn’t want to spend his time with you doing hobbies or going out with friends. He’s not even interested in just casually chilling on the couch as you watch some Netflix. The only real intimate time that the two of you get to spend with one another is when you’re both having s*x. And it’s as if that’s the only thing that the two of you are capable of doing together.

2. He doesn’t really want to have deep and meaningful conversations with you.

He’s not really all that interested in getting to know you. He doesn’t want to get invested in your life. He doesn’t really want to involve himself in all of your drama. He just wants your body. He just wants you in the sack.

3. He only plans dates when he knows that you’ll be spending the night together after.

He doesn’t really plan dates; but when he does, he always makes sure that it ends up with both of you spending the night together. That’s all he’s really after.

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