What It’s Really Like To Date A Woman Who Has Her Life In Order

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You have to be everything that she lacks in life and more. You have to be the guy she never thought she needed, and yet she does. 

She isn’t your average everyday Jane. She is a girl who knows whatshe’s worth and she knows how to go after that she wants in life. She exudesabsolute confidence and poise. She has her own kind of beauty that appeals tomany but is appreciated only by those with actual taste. She has got everythingin her life put together and she doesn’t need anyone to take care of her butherself.

It can be difficult to put into a few simple words what it would belike to date a woman who is just living that strong and stable life. More thanany other kinds of woman, the modern man should always make it a point to datea girl who is driven, hardworking, ambitious, and humble at the same time. Alot of men are going to be intimidated by her. Her appeal won’t sink in rightaway. But just be patient with it. Let her grow on you and you will soondiscover that dating her will be the best decision you will have ever made inthis life. The reason why she comes off as cold is because she is dead seriousabout finding success in life. She has many dreams and goals and she will stopat nothing to achieve them. There are indeed countless reasons as to why datinga woman like this is a good idea. It will be difficult to grab them all outfrom the open and confine them in a summary but here it goes.

She is a girl who calls it like it is and sees things like they are.She is very perceptive and insightful. She has no time for childish things. Shedoesn’t tolerate mediocrity nor does she ever allow herself to be victimized bysomeone’s lies. She isn’t going to be easy to win over. She might seem a littlestubborn, and that’s because she is. She knows that she always has to bestubborn and resilient if she’s going to go after the things she deserves. Sheunderstands that no one is going to serve her things on a silver platter. Shehas to invest a whole lot of grit, determination, and hard work to claim thethings that she wants. This can come off as intimidating to a lot of men, butyou’re going to have to get over it quickly because she isn’t changing thatpart of herself. With women like her, it’s either you’re completely in, oryou’re out. She doesn’t want any half-hearted efforts to win over heraffections. She wants a man who is willing to put just as much time and effortinto the relationship as she is. If she sees that you’re the least bit hesitantor fickle about the whole situation, she will drop you like a ball so fast thatit’s going to make your head spin. 

She knows how valuable her time is and she’s not going to waste iton any men who aren’t committing to her. She doesn’t want to offer her time toa man who isn’t going to take her seriously; a man who just sees everything asall fun and games. She has no time for dating children who have yet to grow upinto mature and classy men. She has no patience for helping men mature into theknights that they’re supposed to be. So if you really want to date this girl,show her that you’re serious about it and that you’re committed to being thekind of man she is going to tolerate in life. You have to be able to value hertime the same way that she’s going to value yours.

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