He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless He Actually Puts Effort Into These 12 Things

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Ladies, do you agree?

1. He makes an effort into planning out your dates.

He knows that date night is important to you and that you deserve more than just a typical dinner or a movie. He’s not one to just take you to a random restaurant all the time. He would be willing to do new and exciting things with you because he knows that you always crave something beyond a monotonous life. He is always looking for ways to keep things fresh and exciting in the relationship.

2. He always makes sure to reply to you in a prompt and appropriate manner.

Your texts messages and phone calls are always important to him. He will never ignore them if he can’t help it. He would willingly pause his video games to reply to you or answer your calls. If at times, he gets caught in delicate emergencies and can’t get back to you right away, he will always try his best to make contact with you as soon as he can.

3. He still flirts with you in efforts to win your affection on a daily basis.

He knows that just because he’s already in a relationship with you, he gets a free pass to just stop trying to make you like him. He still makes it a point to flirt with you every day as if you’re still in your courtship stages. He is always willing to put himself out there for you, and he would always put in the work for your relationship

4. He makes sure that you are always satisfied during s*x.

He’s not selfish at all when it comes to a night of s*xual escapades. He always wants to make sure that you are also satisfied in your cravings for physical intimacy. He knows that you also have your needs and that you also want to be stimulated, and he never wants to disappoint you in that area. It’s not enough that he’s happy, you also have to be happy.В . – Continue reading on the next page

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