Don’t Make Her Wait For You Just Because You know She Will

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She already knows that you’re playing games with her even though she makes it seem like she doesn’t. She knows all about your moves and intentions; she knows all about the motivations that fuel your actions and she’s okay with it… for now.

You treat her like some sort of human ego booster. You treat her like some sort of personal trophy. You treat her like some adornment or accessory. You like her to be there because you feel like she somehow improves your self-image. And you want to keep her around as much as possible. And she lets you do it. She lets you have her way with her.

But don’t mistake her leniency for weakness. Don’t mistake her kindness for meekness. She isn’t dumb. She isn’t being blindly optimistic. She isn’t being naïve. It’s just that she sees some good you and she knows that this just might be your way of getting the bad stuff out of your system. She’s trying to be patient with you because she hopes that you’re eventually going to turn into the man that she needs you to be for her. She is hoping that one day the light is going to shine on you and you will realize just how badly you are treating her; and how much better you could be for her.

Deep down inside, she knows that you’re probably very scarred and damaged. She knows that you’ve been put through pain and she is trying to be as understanding and as tolerant as possible. She wants you to be able to get all of that negativity out of your system by letting you take it out on her. She’s strong enough to take it. She’s tough enough to handle it. But you also have to know that she has her limits. And she’s not going to be able to keep this up for too long.

No matter how dark a mood and environment you might be giving her, she is always going to welcome you with a warm smile. She is going to give you all the love and affection that she can give you just to help you become okay again. She is going to want to pull you out of whatever dark place you are stuck in; and the only way she knows how to do that is with her smile. She is going to put your own happiness above her own because it’s important to her that you genuinely feel comfortable and at ease whenever you’re with her.

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