6 Signs That A Guy Isn’t Just Playing With You

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3. He doesn’t force you to change into someone you’re not comfortable with being.

He acknowledges who you are – flaws and all. And he wouldn’t do anything to change you. He would never want you to feel like you aren’t enough for him. He doesn’t want you to think that he wouldn’t be accepting of who you truly are on the inside.

4. He has seen the worst of you and he still sticks around.

He knows just how bad you are because you’ve already shown him your bad side. You have already shown him all of your flaws and imperfections. You have shown him all of the worst aspects of your personality. He has seen you at your absolute worst. But still, he has stuck around with you. It just goes to show

5. You share similar values and principles in life.

You are compatible. You share similar interests, goals, values, and principles. This makes it so easy for you to just have a relationship because there is minimal friction.

6. He makes you feel that you are his genuine priority.

He somehow makes you feel that he’s really serious about you because he prioritizes you. You know that he considers you to be important because he deliberately places you above other things in life. He really makes you feel like you’re a girl who plays a big part in his life. He makes you feel like he would willingly drop anything for you.

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