9 Things You Discover About Yourself When You’ve Been Single For So Long

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Things being single has taught me.

1. You discover just how many things you can get done by yourself.

You have no choice. You’re on your own and so you have to do things without anyone else’s help. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. When you are forced to do things on your own, you really start to learn just how much you can get done by yourself. You will be surprised at your own capacity to make it through this life alone.

2. You discover more of what you are really looking for in the bedroom.

When you’re not in a committed relationship with someone, you get the opportunity to really play the field. You get the chance to just engage in casual relationships with different kinds of people. And the more that you expose yourself to different kinds of people who bring different styles into the bedroom, the more you really get to figure out just what it is you want in the sack.

3. You discover just how important it is for you to pursue your goals.

You have so much extra time on your hands whenever you’re single. You don’t have to devote too much time to your partner or your relationship because they don’t exist. And so with all that extra time, you want to keep yourself productive. And if you are smart about it, you will pour all of that time into the pursuit of your goals. And when you do that, you will understand the fact that the more time you devote to something, the more that you’re going to get out of it.

4. You discover just how disgusting you really are.

Being in a relationship with someone can be such a huge motivator to clean up your act. When you are with someone you love, you want to do whatever you can to impress them. You really make an effort to just present your best self whenever you are with them. But when you’ve been single and alone for so long, you might relax a little bit – almost to a point of complete complacency. You won’t make an effort to clean up after yourself as much – and you’re going to learn to discover just how disgusting you really are on the inside.

5. You discover what kind of people you are really attracted to.

When you haven’t been in a relationship for the longest time, then you get to play the field a little bit. You get to date around and you get to meet so many different kinds of people. Some of them you will like, some of them you won’t. And in that process of getting to know so many different kinds of people, you will also get a chance to really get to know yourself as well; and what it is you’re really looking for in prospective partners.

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