6 Social Media Habits Your Partner Does Which Prove That They Care About You

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3. They will tag you on posts and photos that they know you would enjoy.

Your partner will want to engage with you as much as possible. They will want to connect with you in whatever medium that they can make use of. And that’s why whenever they see an engaging article or a funny photo on their social media feeds, they would just tag you right away; just so you have something else to talk about and bond over.

4. They will add your friends on social media as well.

The integration of social circles is always a very important milestone for any relationship. And when your partner is someone who actually makes the effort to be friendly with your own personal set of friends, then you really know that they’re serious about being with you. They don’t take this relationship that you have lightly at all.

5. They willingly take photos of you whenever you ask them to.

It’s a very aesthetically-driven society that we live I today, and we all just have to learn to accept it. So if you want to take a really nice photo of yourself when you’re out on a trip, and your partner obliges in helping you out, then you know that they genuinely care about you. They don’t just “tolerate” these quirks about you; they really do support you.

6. They will post something cheesy about your relationship every once in a while.

And of course, the occasional cheesy post is something that should be expected; particularly during significant relationship moments such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and such.

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