3 Important Things You Need To Keep In Mind When You’re In A Relationship With An Extrovert

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1. They will always be drawn to hogging the spotlight.

This is where you need to discover your role in the relationship. Do you want to share the spotlight with them or are you more of a background person? You need to be able to communicate your needs to one another so that you can understand each other better.

2. They have a constant need for attention from you and everyone else.

They will come off as needy a lot. Keep in mind that they are very social creatures and they draw energy from social interactions. If you leave them alone, they can grow very restless and uneasy.

3. They can be inconsistent with how they express their love for you.

Because of an extrovert’s need to be liked by everyone, it might seem that they aren’t being exclusive to you. This is where you need to step in and draw the line. Let them know that you need more consistency and security from them in your relationship.

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