11 Common Ways That Girls Sabotage Their Marriages

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4. They don’t find pleasure in the little things.

Always show appreciation for your man’s gestures no matter how small or simple they may be. If you are only ever thankful for those grand gestures, then he is going to feel pressured to always have to please you in such a manner.

5. They act disrespectful to their men.

Respect should be a given. You can’t afford to make a marriage work if you don’t treat your man with respect. You always have to make sure that your man never feels disrespected at all by you. Otherwise, it drives an emotional wedge between the both of you.

6. They discourage their men from pursuing their dreams.

Allow him to be his own man. He has his own dreams. He has his personal ambitions that he wants to pursue. You should give him the encouragement to do so. If you are doing the opposite, then you are essentially turning yourself into an additional hurdle for him to jump over.

7. They never stop nagging.

Nagging is the worst. Stop all the unnecessary nagging. No one ever wins from that kind of environment that is filled with senseless noise and negativity.

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