10 Things That Go Through A Man’s Mind When He Falls In Love

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4. He is going to be frightened by his own feelings.

He is going to be greatly intimidated by his feelings for you. He doesn’t know what to make of the emotions that you are somehow evoking within him. He won’t know how to deal with them constructively and he will be greatly disoriented.

5. He is going to be thinking about your shared future together.

If a man truly falls in love with you, he is going to be exclusively seeing a future that has you in it. When he kisses you, he is going to able to taste the next 50 years of his life.

6. He is going to overthink a lot of the aspects of your relationship.

He is going to overanalyze how he goes about making you fall in love with him. He is going to scrutinize all of his words and actions to an almost unhealthy point. He only does this because he wants to make sure that he doesn’t screw things up with you.

7. He is going to be stressed from thinking about the ways to make you happy.

A lot of his stress and anxiety is going to come about as a result of his extreme love for you. He is always going to be very caught up with thinking of ways to try to make you happier than you already are. Suddenly, your happiness is going to be a big priority for him.

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