13 Questions Men Are Sick Of Being Asked

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You think she’s pretty, don’t you?”

1. So where is this thing between us going to lead?

Don’t ever pressure a man into taking the relationship to the next level. While it is healthy for you to discuss the future of your relationship, you should never push a man into it especially when he’s clearly uncomfortable about the issue. Let him take his time and think about it more; and stop pestering him about it until he’s ready.

2.Why did you like her profile picture on Facebook?

You should always allow your man the opportunity to have other lady friends. Just because you happen to be his girlfriend doesn’t mean he loses the right to have other female friends too. If he interacts with these girls or likes their posts on social media, you shouldn’t automatically assume that he’s cheating on you.

3. Do we really have to spend time with your parents?

Yes, you do. His parents mean the world to him and you should always take that seriously. If you truly loved him, then you would always make a constant effort to have his parents like you. You should never be content with getting on his parents’ bad side. That won’t bode too well for your relationship.

4. Why don’t you start trying to be more like x?

A man will always hate being criticized. He hates it all the more when it is done in a manner that pits him against another man. Men are naturally protective and territorial beings and they don’t like it when their girlfriends compare them to other men. It makes them feel like they still have to compete for your affections.– Continue reading on the next page

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