Man Left Brokenhearted After He Discovered His Girlfriend Is Cheating On Him With His Own DAD

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Being cheated on is painful as hell. We all know the pain, the agony, the stress, but what’s even more heartbreaking is finding out that you’re being cheated on with your own blood –  your dad.

This is what exactly a shattered man has been going through, after he discovered that his girlfriend had cheated on him with his own father. Now, the man who was not identified shared his heartbreak online and posted evidence of cheating on 4chan from his father’s iphone.

The brokenhearted guy said: “Just found out my girlfriend has been having s*x with my Dad. He left his phone at the house whilst he’s at work. All messages discussing how she’s his ‘dirty little secret’. Nudes and everything. What do I do? I’m broken.”

Apparently his dad has been exchanging nasty conversation with his girlfriend, including naked pictures.

Man-discovers-girlfriend-is-cheating-on-him-with-his-own-dad 1

The conversation revealed the dad confessing to his son’s girlfriend saying he “just can’t stop thinkin about u or last nite.”

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